Nothing Worth Saying

I draw this >>

woke up too early and now i can’t go back to sleep.

might as well draw!       oh, blank page.  best friend, worst enemy…

propositions  - Curved Air

He’s finally going to be out of the way.

He’s finally going to be out of the way.




Hey kiddos it’s that time of year again; commissions, baby! They’re back and with a vengence! uwu I’m in dire need to support myself somehow while I’m here in Europe (things are decidedly expensive here in Switzerland), and I’m doing commissions to earn myself a little…

click the Oh Hot Damn! to see awesome art.  you will enjoy it, and immediately need some for yourself.

So far so good.  Freestyle comic thing!

The first part is 9 pages, so this is just a preview, really…

The preview is titled: How many times can I upload that first image?

The full version will be called: As many times as I want.  

Piece of Mind  - Curved Air

Now turning again, turning away from the light,
Doors open then shut, corridor footsteps at night.
Wake up in the bed with the screens,
See faces that smile as you dream.
See things come to call as they crawl on the wall,
And you know it’s the end.
To them it means nothing, to them it means nothing,
To them it means nothing to them at all.

Not really a fan of these guys, but definitely a huge fan of this song.

Anonymous asked: Are you ever going to finish your 'Ada Lee Comes On' comic, I find it today and fell in love with it. I was so disappointed when the pages stopped and I had read all the chapters, please finish it so we can see how it would have ended.

There are some art-related things I’d like to catch up on, but finishing ALCO! is definitely something I’m going to do.  

cchris47 asked: when are you going to update the comic

today!  :D   aaand hopefully from now on.  I promised myself I would finish it - and after chapter 5, there’s only chapter 6 (and probably another interlude thing after that… we’ll see).

Character designs //

A little while back, I started to work on redoing a failed project from my past.  I spent hours (days) researching the setting and an equal amount of time developing the characters and story.  

Then, I spent more time doing those things.  And more time…

Eventually, I decided to scrap it - because I made the whole thing a convoluted mess and realized it wouldn’t be fun.  Instead, I’m going to work on a different project (Three, Z-X3, and the alien-face guy are from that).  I also decided I’m not going to do any research or thinking about it in general - I’ll just let it work on itself.  

Also, Ada.

creeper face.

creeper face.